After 70 many years of its attempted-and-true design, the classic condom gets a transformation. Now, Swedish company LELO released how it is calling “the world’s first re-designed condom,” the HEX. “Too lots of people avoid putting on condoms, to change their brains, we’ve altered the condom itself,” chief marketing officer Steve Thomson described within an email to Health.

It’s correct, condoms are chronically under-used (and rates of STDs are rising). Intrigued by these apparently revolutionary rubbers, we requested Thomson for that lowdown, because the condoms will not be accessible until later this summer time. Here, a couple of things we discovered the HEX.

It uses hexagons for strengthFinally, a brand new Type of Condom-Here’s All That You Should Know

“We recognized it wasn’t the fabric that required to change, however the structure from the condom,” described Thomson. LELO’s founder, Fillip Sedic, was inspired through the molecular makeup of graphene, a nearly indestructible material that will get strength from the hexagonal structure. “When we thought further along wrinkles, it grew to become obvious: Hexagons are nature’s go-to shape for anything requiring to become lightweight as well as super strong,” stated Thomson. (Think honeycombs, for instance.) The hexagonal structure appears to operate. Like a LELO ad demonstrates, the condoms can withstand even aggressive needle pokes.

It’s remarkably thinFinally, a brand new Type of Condom-Here’s All That You Should Know

As the HEX’s sturdy new design will make you believe its extra-thick (along with a major mood killer), the condom isn’t. Its comprised of ultra-thin sections encased in 350 hexagonal cells, described Thomson. “Any undesirable stress can also be channeled with the structure,” he stated.

It’s texture insideFinally, a brand new Type of Condom-Here’s All That You Should Know

That provides extra grip and security (as well as ribbed-for-his-pleasure sensations). “It’s rather such as the wet tires utilized in F1 which help avoid slippage,” stated Thomson.

It’s made to quash excuses

Right now we are all knowledgeable condoms are crucial to prevent multiplication of STDs. But nonetheless people develop excuses to not put on them. “We learned that the 3 primary issues individuals have with condoms are they break too readily, they’re vulnerable to slippage, and based on some, they limit sensitivity,” described Thomson. But based on him, the hexagonal web around the HEX takes proper care of all individuals’ complaints.

It just is available in latex (for the time being)

Not so good news for anybody having a sensitivity-these condoms will undoubtedly be accessible in latex. However, the organization is planning to help make the HEX with alternative materials later on.

It’s sparking some buzz

The 2009 week, Charlie Sheen told People he really wants to use his fame to boost Finally, a brand new Type of Condom-Here’s All That You Should Knowawareness about reproductive health, and introduced a partnership with LELO HEX within his “greater calling” to obtain people speaking about protected sex. “A harmful ‘It’ll never occur to me’ attitude dominates-that’s certainly something Charlie can talk to, Inches states Thomson.

The organization hopes that the excitement may also push other brands to begin innovating with birth control methods. “HEX lays lower the gauntlet towards the condom industry,” states Thomson. “It shows innovation can be done and challenges individuals to check it out, and find out the main difference. Inches

LELO estimations the HEX condoms will be prepared for production in August. However, you can reserve a 12-pack now by donating $14 towards the company’s Indiegogo campaign